Bringing Service With Love

PAX’s K9 Cure is a not-for-profit started with the sole purpose to help victims of a physical or emotional trauma by providing an emotional support or service dog that helps them get back to doing what they love. We serve no particular clientele other than victims of an emotional or physical experience.

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Our Vision

To become the leader in providing loving, service and emotional support dogs to victims of a trauma.

Our Mission

With the power of a highly skilled team, PAX’s K9 Cure strives to provide a better dog, as well as a long lasting relationship between PAX’s K9 Cure and each client.

Our Values

Quality: We provide top quality dogs.

Service: We provide ongoing support and resources.

Love: We love the dogs we train.

Who is PAX?

PAX was a real German Shepherd and he is featured in our logo (tongue out an all). PAX’s journey included a traumatic physical and emotional experience that left him with people saying he was no good. When Marcus McCullough, a PAX Board Member and founder of Limitless K9, found PAX, he was with a greedy breeder and he was like a wild tiger. After getting the proper training and lots of love, PAX turned out to be one of the best service dogs we have ever seen. His story will forever be used to warn people about bad breeders, and the importance of having the right love and training for emotional support and service dogs.

Who Trains the Dogs?

Our dogs are trained by Limitless K9. Limitless K9 has been providing elite home-trained service and protection dogs to families across the USA for years. Their protection and service dogs are bred and raised to be independent critical thinkers and loving working members of their families. The PAX’s K9 Cure dogs will be trained with the same level of care and attention they give to the elite service and protection dogs.

While it means a lot to us to warn people about bad breeders, it is most important to us that we provide highly trained dogs that have received the right kind of loving and care to every victim.

Marcus McCullough

Owner, Limitless K9

Marcus McCullough is the owner and trainer for Limitless K9. PAX was Marcus’ dog that he rescued from a greedy breeder. He has a proven record and incredible reputation as a dog trainer throughout the US. His God-given talents produce highly trained, elite, top-tier dogs. All of the dogs that are in the programs at PAX’s K9 Cure will be trained by Marcus and his team at Limitless K9.

Meet the Board Members

Dwayne Harmon


Dwayne Harmon is an executive at two companies located here in Jacksonville, FL. Harmon is a Kentucky native but has claimed Florida as his home for the last twenty years. In addition to his duties at PAXs K9 Cure, Harmon is also a Prison Reform Activist, a social media volunteer at Westminster Presbyterian Church, and along with his wife Brenda, founded the Harmon Family Scholarship. This scholarship was created to help the next generation of business leaders find success within their post-secondary education. Dwayne and his wife currently have one Dutch Shepherd, Khia, bred, and trained by Limitless K9.

Sara Horn


Born and raised in Texas, Sara Horn has a passion for connecting people and a deep rooted history in agriculture and animal science. With a Bachelors in Animal Science and a Masters in Equine Industry Management from Texas A&M University, Sara is dedicated to serving the animal industry. As a military spouse and a granddaughter to an Army veteran, Sara knows the impact of having a tool that allows you to maintain your independence. Sara and her husband were very involved in the training and development of their own service and protection dogs, and naturally, she found a place with PAX’s K9 Cure that allows her to serve others in need of such a dedicated companion. Sara enjoys riding and showing her horse, Poncho, as well as working and training her dogs Rona and Schatzy. Sara serves as PAX’s K9 Cure’s Secretary.

Dara Welk

Board Member

Dara Welk is the President of Media Made Fresh in Jacksonville, FL. She graduated from the University of North Florida with two bachelors, one in Advertising and one in Graphic Design. She is a former executive at the PGA TOUR. She has two Cane Corso Mastiffs, Samson and Delilah. In addition to her passion for service dogs and her duties at PAX’s K9 Cure, she donates her time to the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center, CathedralCare, and University of North Florida.

Support Our Four Legged Cause

A companion that provides unconditional love can be just the right therapy a person needs following a trauma. By donating to PAX’s K9 Cure, you will help support our Emotional Support and Service Dog Programs.

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